Optimizing the user experience

Your challenges

Are users of your applications satisfied with response times? Are visitors to your website leaving instead because the site is too slow? Without performance monitoring and suitable dashboards, you do not know.

You may have conducted synthetic performance tests, this is good already! But this is not enough because response times, as perceived by real users, also depend on:


The Internet, and telecom carriers that support it,


The geographical location of users (Internet in France is not the same as in the Caribbean or in China),


The performance of their Internet Service Provider… and yours,


Web page design (HTML),


The weight of media (images, videos) that are present on web pages,


Web server settings and browser cache utilization,


The implementation of your CDN (Content Delivery Network) if you use one,


Browser type, and local resources of the user’s computer.

LEANOVIA’s value proposition

We enable you to measure how users actually perceive your website or your applications, for example helping you to:


Measure response times in the browser (what is the real performance as experienced by 100% of your users),


Capture performance data at the entry point of your datacenter, via a probe or network appliance (what are the performances of all application flows),


Implement active supervision by synthetic web robots (for finer-grained analyses like “waterfall charts”, especially regarding CDNs),

and thus identify improvement plans at all levels of the end-to-end architecture: web pages, application, server platform, network infrastructure and CDN.