Absorbing growth and peak loads

Your challenges

The activity of your company, your website or your applications, is anything but static. Instead, it will:


Grow depending on sales or business targets,


Follow seasonal variations,


Exhibit sudden peaks due to viral communication on the net (“buzz”)

It is therefore vital that your computer systems (applications, infrastructure, website …) be able to demonstrate flawless robustness in order to support your business whenever activity increases.

And issues can occur in multiple areas or circumstances, like for example:


Incoming traffic to your website saturates the network infrastructure and available bandwidth,


Your customer database increases in size, your CRM starts showing severe performance issues, and as a result your call center cannot process all incoming calls,


Your marketing campaign (e-mailing, TV advertising) is so successful that your website starts failing.

So do not wait for the worst to happen, and get ready now!

LEANOVIA’s value proposition

LEANOVIA will assist you through a comprehensive approach to performance tests of your Information System:


Modeling of your activity (functional scenarios, navigating through your applications, user count, workload and performance objectives),


Generation of data sets to feed the tests and/or simulate the growth of SQL databases,


Simulation of users with automated load testing,


Instrumentation and monitoring of applications and infrastructure,


Identifying bottlenecks that could impact user satisfaction,


Recommending a practical improvement plan, either to optimize applications, your website, or systems infrastructure, database, network, and CDN (Content Delivery Network).

We also offer responsive support to help diagnose and resolve your production performance incidents.