Mastering risks and impacts of change

Your challenges

Your applications, website, and infrastructure are constantly evolving:


First, to introduce new innovative features, improve user satisfaction, or adapt to market or regulatory changes…


But also because technological obsolescence will inevitably require to replace or upgrade hardware, operating systems, middleware…

So change is certain. But it also carries risks:


Are you sure that performance will still be up to expectations?


How will application users or website visitors react, if lags or instabilities appear?


How long will you need to stay in “crisis mode” if you do not anticipate impacts, or if the causes of performance regressions are unknown?

LEANOVIA’s value proposition

We can help you to:


Reduce the risk of regressions, by organizing a performance assurance process. In particular, if you have outsourced your applications to Third-Party Maintenance, we can execute Performance Acceptance campaigns and test each version in parallel of Functional Acceptance.


Accelerate Time-to-Market, by optimizing test coverage through continuous integration,


Measure and improve the quality of code, via development industrialization,


Ultimately, reduce the cost of performance because the sooner a defect is discovered in the development cycle, the less it will cost to fix it!