Efficiently solving Production incidents

The impact of performance on your image

Performance of applications in Production is of paramount importance:


What will visitors to your website think if it is slow or regularly shows error pages? If your users complain about lags or instabilities in your applications, it directly affects your image.


What will your business partners think if critical data exchanges are delayed because of a performance issue in batch processing? Or if your Web Services do not respond quickly enough?

Solving these problems is a priority, and LEANOVIA offers you its expertise in performance diagnosis and crisis management.

LEANOVIA’s expertise

We carry out an audit at both application and infrastructure levels, which enables to characterize the nature and possible causes of the problem:


Its nature: is it constantly present, for example, or does it occur suddenly or even periodically?


Causes can be multiple and located in the application code, in a backend (eg database or third-party Web Service), server or network infrastructure, or also maybe in the solution architecture itself…

The audit usually requires deploying specialized performance monitoring tools, to produce factual metrics that enable systematic analysis and clear diagnosis. LEANOVIA has a comprehensive experience on the available solutions on the market, and can recommend whichever is best fit to your requirements.

Our goal then is to offer solutions in 2 phases:


Short-term fixes or workarounds (“quick wins”) to alleviate the crisis,


A plan for sustainable improvement in the medium term, aligned with your priorities,

and naturally, LEANOVIA is available to assist you throughout their implementation.