Performance audit: get a 2nd opinion, with solutions

Your challenges

Of course, you expect the best response times for users of your Information System! But various debates arise along the way, such as:


IT say that the deployed infrastructure is best-in-class, and yet applications in Production are much slower than they were in User Acceptance. Users complain. What are the solutions?


Developers say that everything is OK, but the website often demonstrates embarrassing lags. Why? Are we sure that the application was properly optimized?


Your bandwidth costs reach excessive levels, but the website is nearing saturation – what are the available options? Should you outsource application hosting? Subscribe to a CDN (Content Delivery Network)? Move to the Cloud?

In short, were all necessary measures taken to ensure the best performances for your applications or your website? Were best practices followed?

LEANOVIA’s value proposition

We provide independent recommendations, and specific expertise, on the challenges and solutions to ensure the performance of your websites and applications.

Our audits can take multiple forms depending on the specifics of each project and each client, but they would typically include, for example:


Interviews of stakeholders,


A review of application / architecture documentation and blueprints,


The audit of technical and application components,


An evaluation of organizational processes,


A comparison with the relevant Best Practices (depending on the context and issue at hand).

In all cases, our objective is to provide answers and to deliver a pragmatic improvement plan carefully aligned with your priorities.