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[This English translation of our Terms of Service is only provided for your information and convenience. Please refer to the original French version for the solely applicable, full reference.]
Use of the website constitutes full acceptance of terms and conditions defined below. These may be modified at any time, and the latest update will be available on the same website.


Purpose of the website

The purpose of this website is to present the expertise of the company LEANOVIA, so you would contact us to discuss your needs and see together how we could help.


Limits of liability

The contents of this website do not constitute a firm offer of service, because before determining what we can do to best assist you, we must first meet together! Only then can we submit to you a business proposal that will define our commitment (it may include software costs), which we hope will then obtain your favorable attention.

The information on the site is purely indicative and may change periodically. LEANOVIA endeavors to keep it as accurate as possible. However, we cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies and deficiencies in the update, whether due to LEANOVIA or to third party partners that provide this information.

The website contains links to other sites. LEANOVIA is not able to guarantee the content of the sites you may visit, and therefore assumes no responsibility in that regard.

LEANOVIA cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages related to the viewing of the site. Regarding the device used to visit the website (computer, mobile device …), it is recommended to keep it updated with the latest security updates, with antivirus software, and an Internet browser of the latest generation.

The site should be accessible at all times to users. Interruptions due to maintenance, however, may occasionally occur.


Intellectual property

LEANOVIA owns the intellectual property rights or has rights to use all the items available on the site, including text, images, graphics, logos, icons, etc. Any reproduction, modification, publication, adaptation of all or some elements of the site, regardless of the means or process, is prohibited without prior written permission of leanovia.


Privacy and confidentiality rules


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Collection of personal data

The only personal data collected by LEANOVIA are those that visitors may choose to submit in the contact form available for that purpose. We may then contact you to answer your request and/or explore the opportunity to conduct business with you.

No personal information of website visitors is shared without their approval, or exchanged, transferred, or sold to any third party.