Web and Application Performance Testing

Ensuring the success of your projects

Performance assurance is a pro-active approach to help you deliver your application & Web projects… not just on schedule (of course), but above all also with good performance!

Objectives and situations may vary:


In the project phase: you wish to validate the performance of a new system (still in development), when it receives the load that is expected in Production,


In maintenance phase: you have developed a new version of an application and seek to ensure that there will be no performance regression,


When modifying infrastructure components, like replacing hardware or introducing a layer of cache servers (Content Delivery Network): you want to check improvements that are delivered.

In all cases, you seek to anticipate performance issues because:


Identified as early as possible, they are less costly to fix,


Fixing them before deployment leads to satisfied users.

LEANOVIA’s expertise

Our consultants help you through a methodical load testing and performance assurance process, which typically includes four main steps:


Modeling of your business activity,


Preparation of load tests and monitoring tools,


Execution and analysis of load tests, or of batch processes,


Final assessment & recommendations,

that we shall be happy to present to you in more detail.

Examples of performance assurance situations:

« Can the system handle the load of 5,000 concurrent users while complying with SLAs? »
« The database will contain 100,000 additional customer records by next year. What impacts on system performance? »